Unrelenting George H Morris


Unrelenting George H Morris

If there is one name in the American equestrian story that everyone knows, it is George Morris.

His carefully chosen words are notoriously powerful. They  can raise you up or cut you to the quick. His approval can be a rainmaker, his derision can end a career.

But as much as people know and respect (or, perhaps, fear) the public face of George Morris, he has lived, in other ways, a remarkably private life, keeping his own personal struggles with insecurity, with ambition, and with love behind closed doors. It is only now that he has chosen, in his own words, to share the totality of his life—the very public and the incredibly private—with the world. This engrossing autobiography, the real story of the godlike George Morris, beautifully demonstrates his ultimate humanity.

This engrossing autobiography is the real life story of the man.