Basic Training Riding Horses Vol 1 DVD

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Basic Training Riding Horses Vol 1 DVD by Ingrid Klimke

Volume 1 The 4 Year Old Horse

In Ingrid Klimke’s three training DVDs, the Olympic champion shares her key ideas for the successful training of horses. The main components of her training method include dressage exercises to improve suppleness and collection; pole work (cavalletti); lower level jumping obstacles; and basic training for cross-country.

Volume 1 covers: Dressage: Exercises to improve extension; rhythm; relaxation; contact between the rider’s hands and the horse’s mouth; familiarization with rider aids; half- and full halts; transitions; signs of suppleness; first show ring experiences; and much more. Pole work (cavalletti): Introduction to the technique and work on the lunge line; Jumping: First jumping obstacles; use of a lead horse; and gymnastic series and Cross-country: Use of the safety seat; first jumping obstacles; introduction to water; work uphill and downhill.