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  • Journey to Softness Mark Rashid

    Journey to Softness Mark Rashid


    Journey to Softness Mark Rashid

    Mark Rashid is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to understand the horse’s point of view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force.
    What the reader learns by example is how to develop feel, relaxation, connection, and softness in both horse and rider. The methods and techniques Mark demonstrated have been gleaned from decades of work with horses and horse people, as well as while he trained with world-class martial artists whose lives have been dedicated to developing softness and connection with a partner through feel.

  • long_reining_with_double_dan

    Long Reining with Double Dan


    Long Reining with Double Dan Horsemanship

    Are you ready to build a stronger partnership with your horse? Hoping to achieve a remarkable softness from the ground before you swing into the saddle? Starting a youngster or working to overcome training and behavioural problems in an older mount?

    Bring long-reining into your barn with these 20 easy-to-understand lessons, explained step-by-step with full-colour photographs.

  • Training_Horses_Ingrid_Klimke_Way

    Training Horses Ingrid Klimke Way


    Training Horses Ingrid Klimke Way

    Olympic gold-medal-winner Ingrid Klimke was born under a bright star when it came to fulfilling dreams of equestrian greatness. Her father, Reiner Klimke, was an Olympic rider himself, and he instilled his principles of training and riding with the good of the horse in mind in his daughter at a young age. Ingrid has furthered her father’s esteemed legacy, modernizing two of the classic works by her father—the bestselling Basic Training of the Young Horse and Cavalletti–and tirelessly championing a balanced, fair, and caring system of training the horse that ensures his physical and mental well-being even while preparing him for the very top levels of international competition.

    And now Ingrid has written a book of her own, detailing her personal system of bringing a horse along through the stages of progressive development, and providing readers guidelines and exercises to ensure success without stress at each milestone. The result is surely a joyful partnership between rider and horse that will go the distance.


  • Winning Horsemanship A Judges Secrets & Tips

    Winning Horsemanship


    Winning Horsemanship

    A Judge’s Secrets and Tips for Your Success

    • How to double your enjoyment of your horse…in and out of the arena
    • Tips and secrets of successful ring craft used by top trainers and riders
    • How to avoid painful, costly mistakes that can hold you back – or get you hurt
    • The psychology of confidence (and how to share it with your horse)
    • How simple changes in what you think can change the way your horse behaves
    • 7 proven steps to prepare your horse for any competition
    • Subtle ways to take control and say goodbye to poor performance forever

  • World Class Grooming Horses

    World Class Grooming for Horses


    World Class Grooming for Horses Spiral Bound

    When owning, training, riding, and showing horses, there is a certain “look” to which one aspires. Often it is set by the horses seen on television, at special events, in public performances, and in top competition around the globe. World-class “turnout”—a horse in peak condition, perfectly coiffed and luminous with good health, outfitted with gleaming and well-fit tack appropriate for his sport—literally takes your breath away.

    No one knows how to do all of this better than those working as “professional grooms” in the barns of the world’s top riders and trainers. It is the responsibility of these elite experts to keep their four-legged charges happy, healthy, and primed for peak performance—in body and mind.

    Now, two of the best professional grooms in the business share their trade secrets, with over 1200 color photographs demonstrating how to clean the horse from nose to tail; wrap, clip, braid, and ship him; prepare him for or present him in various English competitive scenarios; and care for him after work or showing so he is rested and ready to do it all again. This book is everything you need to know from the pros: The ultimate modern-day guide for all riders who want their horses to look and feel their best.

  • 3 Minute Horsemanship

    3 Minute Horsemanship


    3 Minute Horsemanship by Vanessa Bee -Paperback

    Groundwork – Ridden Exercises – Real Life Scenarios. Good horsemanship as easy as 1-2-3! The 3-Minute Secret: Achieve more, Get better results, In less time.

    Learn to:

    • Set small, achievable tasks for your horse (and yourself),
    • Ensure you reach a positive conclusion in the time you have available,
    • Vary tasks from day to day to keep your horse interested in working with you,
    • Combine groundwork and ridden exercises to create a safe and sane partner,
    • Build gradually and progressively toward a bigger goal,
    • Break down complex problems into smaller, easier solutions.

  • Basic Training Young Horse

    Basic Training Young Horse 3rd Ed


    Basic Training Young Horse 3rd Ed by Ingrid Klimke- Hardback

    The first year under saddle sets the building blocks for the future of a riding horse: with a solid basic training he can do what is required of him willingly while remaining in the best of heath.

    This new edition has new photos and is updated by Ingrid Klimke. Based on sound practical and theoretical advice, this instructional handbook gives advice on establishing a specific training plan for recreational riders as well as competition riders to enable them to train their young horses successfully. Every aspect of the educational of a young horse is covered, including: – Basic education – Lungeing – Training under saddle – From suppleness to the development of impulsion – Cavalletti work – Jumping training – Hacking – Preparing for the first competition.

    Ingrid Klimke follows in the footsteps of her famous father, Reiner Klimke. A successful Olympic participant and European bronze medallist, she is one of very few riders to have achieved major successes at the highest level in both dressage and three-day-eventing.

  • Perfect Mind perfect Ride

    Perfect Mind Perfect Ride


    Perfect Mind Perfect Ride by Inga Wolframm Paperback

    Possessing the right mind-set and relevant mental skills has long been considered vital in achieving top performances in all sports. And yet, to many riders mental fitness still remains something of an afterthought. In Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride, the author demonstrates how to develop and achieve the right kind of attitude, motivation and mental skills to make the most of the rider’s abilities whether it be riding as a recreation or as a competitive sport. Horses are highly sensitive flight animals – they’ll react first and ask questions, well, never…! In essence, this means that every time riders get on their horse, they need to be fully committed, aware and in control of their body, their thoughts and their emotions, in order to communicate with their horse in precisely the right kind of manner.

  • Posture and Performance

    Posture and Performance


    Posture and Performance by Gillian Higgins Hardback

    From the author of the highly successful titles How Your Horse Moves and Horse Anatomy for Performance comes a new training manual based on the philosophy that ‘understanding anatomy improves performance and reduces the risk of injury’. Divided into three main parts — Principles of Anatomical Riding and Training; Exercises for Horse and Rider; and Troubleshooting — the book contains a wealth of practical tips and exercises broken down into easy-to-follow, well-illustrated steps showing how riders can improve their riding skills and potential.