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  • Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition

    Micklem Bridle Diamante – Competition


    Micklem Bridle Diamante – Competition

    The Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle features fine quality leather, and a beautiful Diamante browband for the elegant bling lover.

    A comfortable, more humane bridle and winner of the 2008 BETA International Innovation Award.

    The Micklem Competition Bridle is ergonomically designed from the inside out to fit the shape of the horse’s skull.
    – This is the most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever designed.
    – Featuring stainless steel buckles, comfortable padding across the noseband, browband and on the cheek pieces, while the chin and throat strap guard prevent rubs.
    – Relieves pressure at the poll and around the ears.
    – No inward pressure at the cheeks, so does not press into the teeth.
    – Reduces pressure on the tongue using the Tongue Protection System.
    – No pain, numbness or damage to motory and sensory nerves or veins and muscles that can be casued by drop, crank or flash nosebands.


  • Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle


    Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle

    This unique bridle is designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horse’s skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas.  It can be used as a bridle, a bitless bridle with 3 strength options or a lunge cavesson and as such, is a more robust version of the Competition bridle.  Comes with tongue protection clips, bit straps, curb groove strap and strong bitless strap.  Reins not included.  REACH compliant – eco-friendly methods of manufacture, no nasty chemicals used.

    Three main pieces of equipment in one:
    1. A bridle (including integral nose band)
    2. A lunge cavesson
    3. A bitless bridle