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    Classical vs Classique DVD

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    Classical vs Classique DVD

    A debate between Philippe Karl and Christoph Hess. When Philippe Karl’s book ‘Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage’ was published, feelings began to run very high. These two heavy weights of the dressage world met openly and without mincing words to discuss their individual points of view – a somewhat heated debate using actual practical examples of different riders and horses in the riding arena. Organised by Claudia Sanders (Dressage Studies Publisher) with the aim of not only documeting it but also of presenting it in a completely objective manner. A riveting and interesting watch.

    130mins – double sided DVD.

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    Gersemi Long Coat Isabella

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    WAS $399

    NOW $175

    Vintage/Old English Look double breasted long coat.

    Machine washable.

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    Gersemi Down Vest -Lisa

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    Gersemi Down Vest -Lisa

    Stylish  Vest from Gersemi

    A slimmer silhouette without sacrificing warmth. Streamlined design with added elastic panels at waist for a better fit. Horsebit zipper pullers and leather badge on chest add a touch of sophistication with equestrian inspired details that will set this timeless elegant down vest apart from the rest.

    The beautifully designed lining with velvet trim details and embroidered logo lets you know you are wearing a high quality Gersemi product.

    Machine washable.